13. Juni 2016

ghost in a sleeping-bag

arte karambolage

the european-soccer cup just started!!
for the german-french tv-channel we did an animation about the german soccer-team.
you can find it in their online channel here!

26. April 2016


the great people from book block just send me this personal notebook with one of my paintings.

10. April 2016


a wormy painting i did for a postcard-swap with nicholas stevenson 

29. Februar 2016

year of the monkey

4 color risoprint in A6

14. Januar 2016

new zine!!!!! my brain is a lasergun

my new zine my brain is a laser gun is out

12 pages

14 x 19,5 cm
risoprinted in red / fullcolour digitalprinted cover
55 copies
its just 8 €